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I’m not talking about being the boss, but rather being in charge of the things that will make you happy.  While reading  the August 2013 Good Housekeeping magazine, their article entitled, Take Charge, basically tells us“be true to yourself, play to your strengths, and enjoy the results.”   “Tap into the personal skills that make you feel powerful and confident.”

I have been the “boss” a lot in my life. Starting when I was a high school and then when my children were young. I was a full  time volunteer with many organizations; church, girl scout leader of two troops and a service unit director of 65 troops, PTA President at two schools, and president of both the band and orchestra booster clubs and various other committees.  I have been the  boss of many and now I am ready to RELAX.


Be true to yourself… I love volunteering but I want some me time.  Is that selfish?  I am very fortunate that my mother taught me to sew as a young girl.  My sister-in-law taught me how to sew rag quilts a few years ago.  She passed away this year before teaching me basic quilting.  Taking quilting classes is very important to me so that I can make quilts out of the fabric she left behind.  The Atlanta Quilt expo is coming to town in September and I am excited to say I signed up for three days of quilting classes.  Yep, I am very happy with that decision.  That will be a great me time!

I admit that I am making things not only for myself, but my family. Someone said one time that it is very hard to stop being a mom.  Doesn’t matter the age of your children.  Once a mom, always a mom.  Can’t wait to see what I come up with.

I will find ways to play to my strengths of organizational and leadership skills.  My strenghts are many.   My greatest desire right now is to be the best person, wife, mom and grandmother I can be.  Liam and Rowan, my grandsons, will enjoy the time I give them.Image

Who knows where my journey will take me.  I know I will be very happy with my results.



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